Nobel laureate et al. files patent, includes Homeopathic potentisation methodology

Luc Montagnier

Nobel laureate et al. have filed patent that includes Homeopathic potentisation methodology as a very important step in detecting HIV DNA remains. Interestingly, he incorporated by reference the documents of Benveniste J. et al. for the potentisation methodology. Benveniste was at the center of a major international controversy in 1988, when he published a paper in the prestigious scientific journal Nature describing the action of very high dilutions of anti-IgE antibody on the degranulation of human basophils, findings which seemed to support the concept of homeopathy. Biologists were puzzled by Benveniste’s results, as only molecules of water, and no molecules of the original antibody, remained in these high dilutions. But, failed to mention Hahnemann of Homeopathy in their document.

Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier & Claude Lavallee, Jamal Aissa filed US Patent Application number US13/168,367 (click here) for a novel method of tracing EMS in highly diluted solutions for detection of viral hiv dna remaining after antiretroviral therapy of aids patients. The consequence of this patent on Homeopathic system of medicine and the stakeholders remains to be seen.

In definitions he mentions “Serial Dilutions: Serial dilution is a well-known technique and involves the stepwise dilution of a substance, such as DNA, in a solvent, such as water, saline solution, aqueous buffer, or an aqueous alcohol solution. Generally, serial dilutions as performed herein are stepwise dilutions by a factor of 10, or dilution of 1 part of a more concentrated solution in 9 parts of a solvent.” but does not mention Hahnemann or Homeopathy.

The patent also mentions “usually serial dilution, and agitation preferably between each serial dilution. A test sample is usually diluted by a factor of 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 101010, 1011, 1012, 1013 or more…

Succussion: Homeopathic serail dilution

serial diluting of the filtered body fluid until obtaining a dilution to test for EMS; wherein, the serial diluting comprises multiple cycles of: vortexing the filtered body fluid and diluting the filtered body fluid at a dilution of 1:9

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Some tips experiment to benefit Homeopaths & Homeopathic pharmaceuticals:

  1. Diluent for potentisation: Further the patent claims “Solutions for dilution and agitation … are preferably water, but other aqueous or dipolar solutions may be employed …. Examples of solutions include water, or other aqueous solutions, such as normal saline, phosphate buffered saline, physiologically acceptable aqueous solutions, buffered aqueous solutions, or alcohol and water mixtures, including 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70% or more of ethanol or other alcohol solutions or other solvents …
  2. Storage of potentised solutions:should not be boiled, heated or frozen for long periods of time so as to preserve the EMS signatures or nanostructures they contain. Preferably, these samples or solutions should be stored above freezing and less than 40° C.
  3. Method of Succussion: “Vortexing for a period of 15 seconds between serial dilutions is one representative method for producing a sample emitting detectable EMS.
Process of Schütteln, translated as succussion

How Hahnemann Discovered Potentisation? Hahnemann found that undiluted doses caused reactions, sometimes dangerous ones, so specified that remedies be given at the lowest possible dose. He found that this reduced potency as well as side-effects, but formed the view that vigorous shaking and striking on an elastic surface – a process he termed Schütteln, translated as succussion – nullified undesired reactions. A common explanation for his settling on this process is said to be that he found remedies subjected agitation in transit, in saddle bags or carriage, were more “potent”. Hahnemann had a saddle-maker construct a special wooden striking board covered in leather on one side and stuffed with horsehair. Insoluble solids, such as granite, diamond, and platinum, are diluted by grinding them with lactose (“trituration”).

The process of dilution and succussion is termed “dynamisation” or “potentisation” by homeopaths. In industrial manufacture this may be done by machine. – Hahnemann S (1921), The Organon of the Healing Art (6th ed.), aphorism 128, ISBN 0-87983-228-2


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