Of the making 01 book there is no end, but the numbers which stand the test of time, and prove of permanent value are exceedingly few. Whether this work will be received with favour, depends largely upon the means taken for placing its merits before those who should be interested in its arrangement. It is an admirable, and at the same time comprehensive combination of the Materia Medica, clinical verification as well as a complete Repertory of the same as applied to the Digestive System. In reality it combines three distinct sections within the one cover. While some suggestions of a minor nature might be made, on the whole it is a decided improvement over any previous arrangement known.

The ability to differentiate between remedies of marked similarity is possessed by a comparatively few, especially when the “image” is not perfectly taken. Great assistance is afforded the busy practitioner as well as the student, whose opportunities for verification in clinical practice must of necessity have been limited.

Every symptom given in the section on Materia Medica has been verified in practice, and its appearance in the section on Therapeutics simply serves to give a clearer idea of the action of the remedy by the slight difference in its phraseology.

The Repertory of each section is to be highly commended for the following reasons:

1. Each symptom given is not abbreviated.

2. The symptoms are arranged alphabetically, instead of appearing under some anatomical organ or regional classification. If there are more than one prominent suggestion in the symptoms, the same symptom may be found under the different headings, for example, “Rumbling in the abdomen, with emission of much offensive flatus,” may be found by turning to words, Rumbling, Abdomen; Emissions, Offensive or Flatus; the symptom in full following each caption.

A brief review, such as this must necessarily be, fails to give a clear or comprehensive idea of the magnitude of the work; and without doubt, the publishers would be willing to send you sample leaves of the book. The work has our unqualified endorsement, and we trust will secure many readers. –The Medical Advance.

Author: Dr James


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