Our esteemed, no-school contemporary, the New York Medical Times, takes a shy at Dr. Gould’s poor little $100 bantling, and waxes somewhat indignant over what is there said of the Ward’s Island Hospital; then it hits out as follows:

That the Homoeopathic school of medicine, so called, is, like that of any other school of medicine, full of absurdities, no one at all familiar with facts will deny; but the fact that publishers may be found to publish such a mass of incoherent rubbish under the name of Materia Medica as “Allen’s Encyclopaedia,” and other works of similar character, or that individuals may incorporate their own peculiar ideas into their faith and practice does not militate in the least, against those great lines of scientific thought and practice worked out by so-called Homoeopaths, and now forming the basis of the advanced therapeutics of all schools.

Now we will be a dose of Aloes 200 against a grain of Metamidophenylpas-amethorychenotine, that the “earnest seeker after truth”-a personage before whom all writers bow in a lowly manner, as he seems to be a species of scientific Mr. Barlow-will find more truth that can be demonstrated in one volume of “Allen’s Encyclopaedia,” than in any ten of the very latest from the domains of – of the other fellows.

Why should anyone call what Allen represents “rubbish,” and crack up a Materia Medica, that in practice, but a few short years ago caused Antipyrin to be prescribed literally by the ton, sweeping the market bare of it, and the next year saying quite truly, that the drug in the same condition was dangerous to life and reason?

But of what avail is all this scrapping! The old books move serenely along, and to-day event of Hull’s Jahr more copies are sold than of almost any half dozen scientific medicine books of ten years ago –perhaps of even five years ago.

Author: Dr James


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