By Dr. Friedrich Lenz, Langfuhr-Danzig.

Translated for the Homoeopathic Recorder from the Leipziger pop. Z. F. Hom.

One of the worst diseases of women, and this not only for the patients themselves, but also for the physician who treats them, and who so frequently after a long ineffectual struggle has to confess his impotence, is the fluor albus. As all others, so also I have had cases in which I Finally had to fold my hands and acknowledge that I could do no more.

      A case came up where this appeared, and all the more unpleasantly as I have been officiating there now for six years and the adult female members were all suffering permanently from this trouble. My inability to effect a cure was the more mortifying, as I stood on a most friendly footing with the family, and there were several allopathic physicians belonging to it, and I had with a good deal of trouble gained their sympathy, i.e., for Homoeopathy by some lucky cures, and there was danger of losing this territory so gained by my present lack of success.

      Allopathy had, of course, been tried first and after various corrosive remedies had been tried, as also other remedies, those physicians had pointed to the approaching climacteric period as the only hope; so the loss of these cases would not really have been justified, and not as mortifying as it might have been under other circumstances; still I was overjoyed when a few weeks ago I succeeded in establishing the fact that their trouble was due to a continuous poisoning with borax in the water in which they washed. These ladies thought a great deal of washing and bathing, and for years they had used borax “to make the water soft”

      After giving up the use of borax and after taking Borax 8 D. Five globules three times a day, for some time, the trouble has so much diminished that i feel myself justified in predicting a complete cure.